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If you are worried about a Dallas DWI accusation, you should contact one of our top Dallas DWI attorneys right away. Our DWI attorneys are experienced and practiced at safeguarding the rights of those accused of DWI in Texas.

Why Get a Dallas DWI Lawyer Now?

There is a definite social stigma today about convicted drunk drivers. The public hates drunk drivers, and the police and government are motivated to punish drunk drivers aggressively.

In their haste to get the accused convicted, sometimes the law will step over the line and do things that they should not.

Know that the state and city government is working hard right now to get you convicted of DWI. They also will do their utmost to get your driver’s license suspended, as well. Get ahead of the game. Call our experienced Dallas DWI lawyers right now.

Beware of The Administrative Driver’s License Suspension

Many people slapped with a drunk driving charge do not realize that if you refused a breath or blood test, the Texas Dept. of Public Safety can suspend your license. That is, they can unless you request an administrative hearing to challenge your license suspension.

This is another area a good drunk driving lawyer can help you. You have a mere 15 days from the arrest date to ask for an administrative hearing to challenge your license suspension. This is another reason you should retain a good attorney as soon as possible after being arrested.

It is usually an error to attempt to face down the state at the administrative hearing on your own. Having a good lawyer with you makes it more likely that you can prevail on the administrative license suspension.

That is not the only benefit of having your attorney with you at the administrative hearing. Your Dallas DWI lawyer also will have the chance to hear what evidence the prosecution has against you. This hearing is a great way for your attorney to begin to assemble a strong defense to get your charge either reduced or thrown out.

A Lot Is At Stake – We Can Help

For most accused drunk drivers in Dallas, their license, freedom and often employment are on the line. We understand. That is why we will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Even if the prosecution has a weak case, you need a good defense attorney to lead the charge. Texas has many experienced law enforcement officers, prosecutors and scientists who will use all of their skills and financial resources to get a conviction.

We have the skills and experience to face down the prosecution and make a strong argument to save your license and your freedom.

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A drunk driving conviction in Texas is big time trouble. You can lose your freedom, thousands of dollars, your job, and your insurance rates will soar. Contact us today to fight for your rights.